Building skills beyond the classroom

Choose from a variety of extracurricular activities for your child. Holy Cross Regional Catholic School offers a wide range of community- and confidence-building extracurriculars including a gardening club, robotics team, and our Reading Olympics, just to name a few.



Altar servers (grades 5-8)

Art club (grades 5-8)

Blaze (grades 6-8)

Broadcast Club (grade 8)

Garden club (grades 1-4)

Holy Cross Choir (grades 4-8)

Holy Cross Gazette Newspaper (grade 6)

Instrumental music instruction (grades 3-8)

Introduction to robotics (grades 4-5)

Reading Olympics

Robotics Team (grades 6-8)

Safeties (grades 6-8)

Student band (grades 3-8)

Yearbook committee (grade 8)


Art and technology show

Christmas show (grades 2-4)

Christmas tableau (grade 7)

Living stations (grade 8)

May procession

Saint celebration (grade 1)

Science fair (grade 6)

Spring show (grades 5-8)

Various service projects

Wax museum (grade 7)



Fall sports: Football, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and field hockey

Winter sports: Basketball

Spring sports: Baseball, softball, golf, track, and lacrosse

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